Jeyes Fluid™ is the best free sale product for households as it kills avian bird influenza (H5N1), Paramyxovirus and Newcastle disease. Mix at following ratio: 250ml Concentrate : 5Ltr water in a pressure sprayer (50ml Conc. : 1Ltr water for hand sprayer). Remove excess soiling, apply with pressure sprayer and leave for 20 mins before washing off. Jeyes Fluid is approved by the Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine in Ireland. It is a great insecticide, fungicide and disinfectant 😊




The soiled area should be cleaned immediately and disinfected thoroughly. Scrub the affected area with detergent to remove soiled matter, rinse the area and re-rinse to remove disinfectant. Observe good personal hygiene with PPE: gloves & P3 dust mask. Minimise circulation of dust by dampening the contaminated area frequently with disinfectant and preventing air currents and draughts in the area. Discard all items that cannot be adequately disinfected e.g. wood, ropes, nest material & litter.



Note: Use of Household Bleach

Dilution rate: 100ml:5Ltr Water Application: Spray areas & leave for 5 mins.

Bleach kills bacteria, fungi, algae and is part sanitizer & disinfectant.

NB – Bleach is NOT totally effective at killing mould spores and should be used in rotation with Jeyes Fluid.