Birds are protected in Ireland under the Irish Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000 and are protected particularly during the breeding season. The conservation of birds stems from the EU Birds Directive and EU Habitats Directive which is the foundation of our national wildlife conservation legislation.



Section 40 of the Wildlife Acts restricts the cutting, grubbing, burning or destruction by other means of vegetation growing on uncultivated land or in hedges or ditches during the nesting and breeding season for birds and wildlifefrom 1stMarch to 31stAugust.It is an offence to remove or disturb a nest during the nesting season. Dormant nest may only be removed during the open season 1st September to 28th February in any year.

In some situation’s it is possible to carry out bird control operations under a Section 42 licence permit from the National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) to stop damage to flora and fauna by wild animals or birds that are causing serious damage and the following criteria apply:

  • Preserve public health or safety, prevent serious damage, disease or flight safety
  • Food (including human food products and animal feeds), livestock, poultry or agricultural crops (including vegetables or fruit) either on pasture or on cultivated land
  • Pen-reared wild birds on any land
  • Other fauna
  • Flora
  • Woodland or a forest plantation or a fishery
  • Buildings and other structures and their contents or aquaculture installations

The owner or occupier may on application to the Minister seek a permission to take appropriate steps to stop the damage.

Applications are investigated by local staff to determine if serious damage is being caused and if the most practical method of stopping or controlling the problem. In this regard the conservation status of the speciesinvolved, is given every consideration. The decision made to grant or refuse the licence is made by an officer designated by the Minister to issue licences on his/her behalf.

In keeping with Ecologica’s code of business conduct it is our policy never to cause harm to the birds, chicks or eggs.

For advice on nuisance birds or nesting birds call Ecologica on (086) 812 0435.