We are a wildlife management and environmental pest control company. We employ methods from the field of ecology, that studies the interrelationships between people, wildlife and the natural environment.

EcologicaEnvironmental is a local Irish owned family business spanning three generations with a long-standing heritage steeped in environmental stewardship – land use management, animal health & welfare and conservation management.

At EcologicaEnvironmental we emphasise a three-dimensional approach to pest control:

  • The relationship between pest species living requirements, dietary and breeding lifecycle.
  • The relationship between environmental changes caused by human activities.
  • We manage pest species by conducting an ecological risk assessment. We carefully select eco-friendly products with minimal impact to the environment, while safeguarding people or family pets from illness and spread of disease thus mitigating any risk or liability posed to you or your business.

EcologicaEnvironmental provides eco-friendly pest control safe for businesses, families &pets with minimal environment impact.


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Protecting people & the environment