Ecologica Pest Control provides specialist insect control services for the treatment of certain species e.g. Ants, Bed Bugs, Biscuit Beetle, Booklice, Carpet Beetles, Carcinops, Clothes Moths, Cockroaches, Fruit Fly, Fleas, Flour Beetle, Grain Weevil,Hide & Larder Beetles, Hornets, Red Poultry Mites, Oak Processionary Moth, Spider Beetles, Stored Product Moths, House Flies, Red Spider Mites, Ticks, Wasps, Warehouse Moth Wood Boring Beetle (Woodworm).

Ecologica has a range of natural products for the control of flawing and crawling insect pests. These products work by a physical mode rather than a chemical mode of action to the target insect species. Specialist fly control products, monitors and traps are also available for specific species of insects e.g. Bed Bugs, Fleas, Moths or Beetles. We offer a range of NON-TOXIC PESTICIDE FREE products that are available to clients particularly in sensitive sites e.g. hospitals, nursing homes, day care centres, schools, creches and private clients with children or family pets.

Treatment of certain species e.g. garden ants & cockroaches are best treated with a bait treatment in line with EU best practice guidelines rather than spraying a surface residual treatment in an area. While the former treatment takes longer it is more effective and inexpensive than traditional pest control methods. This helps clients reduce or eliminate down-time in room hire, production or service associated with traditional methods of insecticide spray& pray regimes. The latter is a temporary quick fix, which results in reoccurring infestations and costly call outs from your traditional pest control company.

We also offer specialist treatments for Clothes Moths and many other insect species.

For specialist advice on insect controlcall Ecologica Pest Control on 086 812 0435