Birds have adapted very well to urban life and as a result often come into conflict with people and businesses creating health and safety issues. Bird deterrents are aneffective way of reducing the number of nuisance birds causing roosting, scavenging, nesting, fouling and aggressive behaviour such as swooping down on pedestrians.

There are a range of effective deterrents that are both humane and are easy on the eye in terms of building aesthetics e.g.

  • UV Bird Gel Repellent
  • Electric bird deterrents
  • Laser bird solutions
  • Bio-acoustic bird scaring
  • Falconry or bird of prey deterrence



It is essential to select the right solution for each situation. The selection will depend on what structure the infestation has occurred and the pressure of the infestation.

For advice on how best to deter nuisance birds or to arrange a field survey call Ecologica on (086) 812 0435.