A habitat is the place which a plant or animal normally lives. The purpose of habitat management is to improve existing habitat to benefit wildlife or to mitigate against the presence of pest or invasive species. Habitat enhancement results from any changes to a habitat that improves its value and increases its ability to meet the particular needs of one or more species. Habitat restoration involves restoring a habitat to its original community structure by removing exotic species and/or re-introducing native species. The disappearance of or conversion of natural habitat often is a result of human actions – anthropogenic.


Conservation management of a site involves knowing what species and communities are present, understanding the ecology of the site; identifying the broad goals for the site (the objectives); identifying the management needed to achieve them (management prescriptions and work programmes); the means to determine progress towards achieving and showing that resources are used efficiently (monitoring programme). The management plan is a convenient mechanism for binging these elements together while the process of producing and implementing it should ensure that the necessary management is required to measure effectiveness. Otherwise how are we to learn from our success and failures?

Ecologica Environmental provides a wind range of habitat management plans to enhance biodiversity, control pests and invasive species.

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