It is an offence to dispose of wildlife carcass in domestic waste.

Fallen wildlife may result from natural causes, disease, secondary poisoning or more frequently roadkill.


According to a survey from AA Ireland, just under 13% of motorists have been involved in at least one collision with an animal or bird since 2011 with rabbits most likely to meet their maker at the hands of a motorist. The AA survey also found that most motorists commute to and from work, is the time they are most likely to hit or run over an animal while most accidents occurred on secondary or minor roads.

In the interest of disease control, biosecurity and preservation of public health, Ecologica Environmental provide a collection and certified disposal service in line with Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine (DAFM) guidelines in Ireland.

While we understand this may be a traumatic experience for you, if you find a dead animal at your family home, workplace or as a result of roadkill. We are there to talk you through this experience. We decontaminate the scene of the fallen animal and ensure the animal is cleaned in a dignified manner with a DAFM approved sanitiser thus ensuring it is free from insects or parasites prior to its final journey.

Call Ecologica for a consultation or for emergenciescallus on 086 812 0435.