Solar Panel Proofing

There are a variety of solar panel proofing solutions available for preventing birds impacting solar panel installation & efficiency in your residential homes or commercial buildings. An effective solar panel proofing solution will protect wiring, components, prevent the pest birds from nesting and bringing the associated bird mess, noise and debris.

Our solar panel proofing:

- Is virtually invisible from the ground

- Can be installed without drilling and screwing preventing any damage to the solar panels

- Will not invalidate the solar panels warranty Our bird proofing team recommend that a new solar panel installation is proofed immediately to prevent a bird problem occurring as it will save you time and cost due to no additional maintenance being required.




Why are birds attracted to solar panels?

They provide the perfect breeding ground: roosting and nesting providing shelter and warmth for birds. Under the solar panels they bring nesting debris, attracting mites, causing noise as well as fouling the area and the roof surface with their droppings. This can result in costly damage requiring repairs to wiring, surface panels and electrical components.

For advice on bird proofing or deterrents talk to Ecologica Environmental by calling us on 086 812 0435