“Rats and mice are carriers of over 45 types of diseases that can contaminate water, food and the environment. They can cause direct food losses to field crops, stored foods and food production supply-chains. Direct losses can be sustained for example in packaging destruction and contamination due to soiling”.

Rodents can cause great damage to property, spoil food and spread disease. Businesses and households find themselves in the cycle of calling a traditional pest control company year-after-year in a never-ending cycle. Does this sound familiar to you? Are you a business or homeowner experiencing repeated rodent infestations?

This usually happens because traditional pest control methods rely on getting rid of a rodent infestation (extermination via rodenticide) instead of preventing one via integrated ecological pest control methods (identifying the source, prevention via proofing & monitoring). Just treating the symptoms with rodenticide will not relief you of rodent ingress. While your premises may have been subjected to repeated rodent infestations there is light at the end of the tunnel. It can be prevented by identifying the source of ingress followed by rodent proofing your property.

The first step in rodent proofing your premises is a thorough site survey and environmental risk assessment. Look out for rodent droppings, gnawing, damaged wires or recent electrical issues, smear marks on skirting boards, doorways or corners of buildings that will identify areas that need more investigation.

Ecologica Pest Control provides a wide range of rodent monitoring stations. All bait stations are designed to take a durable spring-loaded break-back trap designed to provide a fast-humane despatch of any rodent entering the monitoring station. The Rotech range of monitoring stations are the perfect solution for non-toxic pest control: professional, discreet and highly effective.

The rodent monitoring stations are baited with a range of non-toxic feed baits, attractants and scents to lure and monitor rodent feeding behaviour.


All bait stations are tamper proof safe for staff, service users, children, family pets and all baits are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Rotech® monitoring stations have over 20 years of rodent behavioural knowledge and extensive field trials making them the industry leading rodent monitoring stations.


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