Proofing can be extremely effective way of eliminating a local problem. It is humane and harmless to the birds, provided they are correctly installed, and they are checked and maintained.

Different buildings have diverse levels of bird pressure on various parts of the building.There is a wide choice of systems and equipment available. Each has different applications, is generally species specific and has its own strength and weaknesses.

The principal systems are:

  • Bird post & wire or balcony handrail perching deterrent
  • Bird spikes
  • Bird UV gel
  • Chimney de-bird cowls, seagull chimney straps or seagull chimney cages
  • Solar panel proofing
  • Bird netting

Nuisance birds e.g. Seagulls, feral pigeons, starlings, jackdaws or crows – if left unchecked will continue to foul or create damage causing costly decontamination with bird dropping removal and ongoing maintenance. Birds will use different areas of a building for different purposes – daytime resting, nigh time roosting and nesting.


Your most expensive choice is to do nothing. For a tailored solution to safeguard your business activities and health and safety compliance call on (086) 812 0435 for a site survey.